Monday, April 12, 2010

EPISODE 3 - Introduction (Part 3: First Freelance)

This is a Podcast About the Ins and Outs of Freelance Illustration and Cartooning as well as daily life, hosted by Joshua Kemble ( In this episode I continue my introduction, and talk about how I first started illustrating, play a song I recently recorded, as well as give some advice for people who are interested in starting to do freelance illustration.

Links to things discussed on the show:
Also, I thought it was worth mentioning that last week, Examined Life of and Illustrator peaked in the top 20 design podcasts on itunes, then quickly dropped again. Most of my listeners find me through itunes, so if you're a fan of the show, please give it a high star rating on itunes, and a kind review, so we can rock the top 20 again this week! (above you can see a screen cap from early last week!)

I'm going to try to update this at least one time a week.

You can find the podcast on ITunes by searching for "Examined Life of an Illustrator" in the store search section. You can contact me with feedback by e-mailing: JoshKemble (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks again for listening. If you enjoyed the show, please feel free to donate at the sidebar of this site, or to leave a high star rating, or review on itunes. Thanks!

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  1. Where is the podcast? I'm very eager to listen to it! :)